What is GUIDE.FM?

Guide.FM is a mobile application developed according to the needs of tourist guides and travel agencies.

Use Guide.FM to offer a unique experience to your tourists and save a lot of money by eliminating all the costs and challenges that come with headsets: failure, maintenance, service, repair, theft, breakage, loss, distributing and charging during the tours.

How Does It Work?

You only need your smartphone to use Guide.FM.

After downloading the application, all you need to do is create an account and share your channel code with your guests. Now you are ready for a smooth tour.

You can see how simple and straightforward it is to use Guide.FM


15 Credits


  • FREE

50 Credits

60 $/mo

  • 0.5$ per listener

1000 Credits

750 $/mo

  • 0.3€ per listener


Luke Lloyd

We regularly rely on guide.fm and each experience is trouble free. The service is consistently great.

Valentin Marchal

Thank you very much for the excellent support from your team in our Seminar. Salute to your Team (Especially to Mike) for their Hard work and professionalism.

Luis Miguel Suárez

We've found the perfect partner. Guide.fm crew always finding solutions to our complex requirements while remaining flexible.

Инесса Ульяновa

Discovering the Guide.FM was the best ever solution for our sighteeing customers. It's really enjoyable to work with guide.fm

Chloé Menard

Incredibly easy and straightforward process from start to finish

Manuel Costantino

Guide.fm gives our guests the feeling of freedom. They feel confident in going where they want to go and doing what they want to do.

Sam Schuster

Guide.fm has gret specs and simple system to use. 100% recommended.

Daniel Morgan

It was awesome! Great for hearing the presenters without excess noise.

Demi Walker

You guys made everything very easy. Thank you so much. We'll be in tocuh again about upcoming evets.

Адам Фомин

We have been working exclusively with guide.fm for many years, they are the most reliable company we know in the market and never have failed us.

Giorgia Mazza

They are always one step ahead in the industry and dedicated to providing the best user experience for their customers. We are very happy to be using their products as our clients continue to give us great feedback about the app

Juana Gallego

Guide.fm has been a great company to partner with and has prompt and eager customer service.

Montserrat Martínez

We've been impressed by the Listen system's ease of use (and installation), as well as its flexibility. The difference between your system and what we had been using is amazing. Patrons are happy and thus, so are we.

Amelie Kuhn

Guide.fm has the highest quality systems that we've used on our tours, they continue to invest in their products and new technologies to keep everything they work on updated and relevant.

Zaki Ahmad

Guide.fm is one of those rare companies in which you can have absolute confidence in their product, service and team.

Available on all devices.

You can install Guide.FM on any platform.




No need to hand out, collect or charge devices

All what your guests will need is their smartphones and earphones. No more carrying, charging, cleaning of external hardware. For you, this means no more equipment, maintenance or service costs. You don’t have to worry about the headsets being stolen or lost anymore. An enormous saving potential remains untapped here if you already have audio guides in use.



Hugely reduced costs

Use your mobile phone and earphone for guiding the tourists. You'll be one step ahead with unbeatable prices.


Live voice transfer from a device to another using mobile internet or free Wi-Fi

By using the most innovative communication technology that connects tourists’ smartphones, Guide.FM provides a set of unique tools that enables relevant information exchange between the tour guide and the tourists at the tips of their fingers – quickly, efficiently and easily WITHOUT internet connectivity OR any additional external hardware devices.



By using the Guide.fm voice module instead of FM radio devices, your organization will save direct operation costs.

You will be only charged for your actual usage


Guides and tourists will be using the same app – Downloadable for FREE

Tour guides and all tourists in the group use the same application. Tour guides communicate with the group using the AudioGuide System. Tourists will be able to listen to the sound transmitted directly to them. Guide.FM is a password-restricted, safe and 21st century solution for the travel industry



You need only 2 minutes to organize the whole tour.

Download the app, start the stream, all tourists will be hearing you directly. That’s it!

To summarize...

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Tired of being tied down to hardware?

Guide.fm is the solution. Not only does it offer unlimited range, its ability to be used worldwide makes it the first choice for maximum productivity.

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Perfect sound quality

Since you use your own earphones and smartphone, the sound is as perfect as it can get.

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The entire group can easily hear you regardless of how crowded it’s around you

No more shouting or straining your voice

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Hygienic use

No more wiping down the hired audio guides prior to using them. Now, you use your own earphones or throw-away earphones that are made available to you.

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We deal with clients of every size and we’ve made sure that we have an affordable platform that lets anybody create a stunning mobile experience. Get in touch and see what we can do for you.

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Outdoor and Indoor

Whether you have an indoor tour of a historic monument or an outdoor heritage trail, Guide.FM has the solution for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Guide.FM allows you to create your own group, by creating a group key (a randomly generated password). This guarantees full privacy to all connected users. Guide.FM allows you to easily connect to an existing group, by simply providing a group key.
Once you generate the group key, you decide with whom you share that group access key. You decide for how long that group is active.
All functionalities of the app are free to use, except the guiding feature. In order for the group member to listen to your audio transmission, you will have to purchase and activate credits for all or some members of the group. The cost for each credit is $1.
Once you purchase and activate Guide.fm credits, it allows group member to listen to the tour guide’s audio transmission. Each activated credit remains active for a period of 24 hours. For example: if your group has 45 members and you want all of them to be able to listen to your audio transmission, you will need to activate 45 credits. Activated credits will expire after 24 hours.
Yes and no. Guide.FM functionalities both work through the usage of the internet and local networks without data consumption.
You’ll need a remote Wi-Fi modem. Tour guides and group members should be connected to the modem, but the modem doesn’t have to have an internet access. Currently, up to 50 guests can access the local network.
Yes, any microphone can be connected. Bluetooth headsets can also be used.
A minimum version of 9.5 is required for iOS (Apple) devices and a minimum version of 6.0 for Android devices. The newer the smartphone, the better is the performance of the app.
No. The guest can use the earphones which are included with every smartphone. Bluetooth earphones can also be used.