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Earn 20% fixed commission from each transaction of your referral customer.

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How do I become an affiliate partner?

Join our affiliate program in 3 easy steps and start earning!

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Apply now

Login with Guide.fm membership and fill out the Affiliate Registration form. Your application is Approved Right Away. Login with Guide.fm membership and fill out the Affiliate Registration form. Your application is approved right away.

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Get your custom link

Create your custom link from the "affiliate program" section opened in the member panel.

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Start earning

Send your Affiliate Link to your colleagues, share it on your blog or social media account, start earning money

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We offer 10% extra discount for all new members coming with the Affiliate Link for this link and their first purchase. Thus, we provide our affiliates with a unique advantage that they can use in their marketing strategy. we also promote our new members to purchase via the affiliate link.

Guide.fm affiliate program samples

There is an opportunity of earning high commission for everybody from all over the world

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Tour guides

Are you a professional tour guide or owner of a tourist agency? Recommend Guide FM to your colleagues. Use the commissions you earned as cash or a Guide FM loan.

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Do you have a travel blog? Or do you have a website that publishes sectoral news and updates? Start earning money with an article that promotes Guide.fm and Guide.fm ads you will embed on your website.

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Do you have a YouTube channel or Instagram account with thousands of followers? Take videos that suggest Guide.fm to your followers. Promote Guide.fm with high engaging posts and earn commission from your referral sales .

How much can I earn with the affiliate program?

Check out our sample earnings table 

Affiliate success stories

Check out the inspiring stories of our successful partners with the Guide.fm affiliate program

Mitsuru SAKAI
Tourist Guide | Japan

The works of my colleagues have been simplified after I introduced them to Guide.fmWe host over 30 million tourists every year in Tokyo. Our priority is to be fast and practical and to provide our guests with as comfortable a tour experience as possible. Thanks to Guide.fm, we save a great deal of time and money as we don't have to store, charge, distribute headsets and collect them back.I have recommended Guide.fm to over 200 colleagues so far. Currently, over 25,000 credits are purchased regularly from my affiliate network. Moreover, introducing my associates to Guide.fm one time only was enough. Now I earn an average of 2,500 USD every month, and transfer my payments without any troubles to my bank account.

Blogger | Japan

Travelers and tour operators loved this completely personal and 100% safe alternative to headsetsI have a popular blog where I have been talking about the places I have been visiting and my tour experiences for 4 years. I got to know Guide.fm on a city tour I attended in Paris and I wanted everyone to try this experience that eliminates hygiene concerns and provides ease of use.More than 120,000 visitors have read about Guide.fm on my blog. I see that an average of 80 tour guides enter my sales affiliate network every month and get acquainted with Guide.fm. With the completely transparent affiliate system, it is great to be able to follow my affiliate network instantly, see my commission earnings and receive my payments smoothly through any channel and whenever I want.

Youtuber | USA

I currently earn almost 3 times of my YouTube ad revenue from Guide.fm.I have a travel channel of only 40,000 followers on YouTube. Especially my videos of Disneyland, NASA and Universal Studios are in great demand. When I realized that foreign tourists need tour guides on all of these trips, I decided to tell them about Guide.fm, which is a very practical solution, in my videos. In this way, I saw that I got the attention of many tour guides.When I talk about Guide.fm, I am really talking about something beneficial. People can skip the ads on my videos, but they pay attention to what I say about Guide.fm. Because I present the exact solution they need in a content directly related to the subject. Thanks to this, my revenues from Guide.fm are already 3 times as much as my revenues from YouTube ads. You should definitely join the Guide.fm affiliate, especially if you have a travel YouTube channel.